M220 F12 - A High Quality Microscope for
Ophthalmic Surgery

Features :

  • Latest innovation LED-illumination
    Instant and perfectly stable Red Reflex from unique, direct LED­lightsource.

    High productivity
    Handsfree adjustment of the motorized 5-step APO-chromatic magnification changer and focus helps to speed up surgery.

    Fatigue-free surgery
    Prestigious Leica optics create a crisp and contrast-rich image with excellent depth of focus.
    Leica Quality
    Excellence in optics, precision and reliability.

    Low cost of ownership
    Design without fibre optics cable and 60 000 hours of nominal LED-life expectance ensure many years of reliable operation at minimal cost.

    Maximum positioning flexibility
    The compact-in-size, long-in-reach stand system allows a high degree of positioning freedom.

    Modularity and upgradeability
    A wide range of observation accessories meets all users ergonomic requirements, offering the best possible view. The mod­ular system allows a subsequent and straightforward upgrade.