Vision One

The Newest Generation of
Photocoagulation Laser System

Accuracy | Precision | Safety


Features :

  • • Multi wave length technology with your choice of wavelength.
    • Sure spot optics.
    • Advanced control with voice confirmation Programable memory
    • Endo & LIO available.




• Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is a clinically proven
laser treatment to reduce IOP without coagulating the
Trabecular Meshwork. SLT represents an evolution over
previous laser therapies as it can be safely repeated
if needed.
• Lumenis pioneered (SLT Technology) : uses Q switched,
frequency double NO YAG to reduce IOP.
• Selecta II - a true portable premium SLT system compatible
with converging optics slit lamp of your choice.
• Duet Technically presents SLT Technology and YAG photo
• Trio offers Duet with photocagulation mode.